Why choose eLearning?Question Mark

  • Increase access, and flexibility to employee training
  • Increase best practice across the organisation
  • Improve staff satisfaction, aid employee retention, and motivation
  • Deliver better value for money
  • Improve the quality of training delivered
  • Improve the management, and administration of training at work


What are the benefits of Learning Online?


  • Comply with new regulations, and requirements
  • Help implement new processes, or new products
  • Extend the reach of training, reduce travel and expenses 
  • Improve access to knowledge, reduce dependancy on internal support
  • Improve customer service ratings, help maintain high standards
  • Encourage staff to work smarter, become self motivated learners

Is eLearning suitable for us?

Medium sized organisations seem to have the least time to dedicate to training, so eLearning offers their employees great flexiblity, giving access to training where it may otherwise be unavailable.  Large enterprises tend to utilise elearning when training needs to be delivered across multiple locations, there are a large number of employees to train, when training is mandatory i.e. records are required. The training service we provide is aimed at helping businesses improve the management of training commitments, and staff development.

Can using eLearning save us time, and money?

Yes, those responsible for organising training at work will be able to spend more time consulting, and planning training than administrating it if elearning can be deployed centrally.  Team Leaders, and Line Managers can spend less time in class, and more time performing their role if teh materials can be developed into eLearning. Employees can spend less time travelling to training venues, and more time learning, or applying what has been learnt is if that training can be delivered online instead. Managers, and Adminsitratos can view employees progress instantly if training is studied online, as all training activity/progress is tracked.



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